The Birth of the Messiah                              The Death of the Messiah - Volume I                         Death-of-the-Messiah-Volume-2

The truth behind the Gospel accounts of the Nativity, updated to include the latest research.
This is volume 1 of Catholic scholar Raymond E. Brown’s two volume treatise on the “death” of the God Jesus.
This is volume 2 of  Raymond E. Brown’s massive treatise on the death of the “death” of the God Jesus.

The Life of Jesus Critically Examined                                   Acts - Ernst Haenchen                                  Fitzmeyer - Luke - Vol. 1

The Fortress Press version of this remarkable tome is difficult to find.Luckily an eBook version can be found by clicking on the image above. It is one of the most influential books I’ve read.

My favorite commentary on the Book of Acts. Ernst Haenchen pulled no punches.

Catholic Scholar Luis Fitzmeyer’s 1st volume of his Commentary on the Gospel According to Luke.

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