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I’m “Greywolf,” the Atheist. My real name is Lawrence Flowers. I reside in the town of Wausaukee, WI.

I have made it my mission to help prove Christianity is as false a religion as “false” gets. But I, in no way, mean to demean the “true” Christian. I truly do respect and admire those who I perceive to be true Christians. But similarly, despise those who are, effectively, Christians in name only.

 For more on  my views regarding the Good Christian, please see Here

Some so-called Christians are as despicable as can be imagined. That is something every true Christian knows perfectly well. The so-called Christians truly don’t deserve to be called “Christian” at all. They are only farcical. They only make a mockery of their faith and completely blemish the faith of the true Christian.

The biggest problem for any stripe of Christian is in regards to the origin  of Evil. John 1:3 makes it quite clear that the God Jesus (as the Word) created everything in existence. Evil surely exists. Therefore, the inescapable theological fact is that the God Jesus deliberately, and malevolently, created very Evil itself. He even used his own  “Free Will” to do so. That makes the God Jesus evil beyond words. That is an irrefutable theological fact. There is no escaping it.

Now, I’m quite aware that this is an extremely painful concept for  Christians to accept. But there’s no getting around that Scriptural fact. There truly isn’t.

Of course, being an atheist means I’ve seen no irrefutable evidence that a God  actually exists. And not a single human being in human history has provided us with any. That pretty much says it all. Doesn’t it?

And that is my stand on the subject.