Scarlet_A scarlet_a rotatedGreywolf 

I am a dyed-in-the-wool atheist who lives in religious-right rich, atheist/freethinker-famished Marinette County, Wisconsin.

I am an implacable foe of the religious right.

I am Lawrence (D.) Flowers. I am the “Greywolf” of past alt.atheism fame. And, Yes, I was telling the truth. I can now prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. Don’t really want to rehash old stuff, though. (The evidence, however, is now available for anyone to examine should they choose to do so.) Only thing I’d change is to put far more emphasis on the politically-related corruption stuff rather than on the anti-atheist aspect of it like I did. (But anti-atheism sentiment has  underpinned the core of my problems out here! And that’s despite  having had a cordial relationship with two members of the clergy.)

The level of corruption in the state of Wisconsin is absolutely staggering. It is my mission to combat it tooth-and-nail; to combat anti-atheist sentiment with vigor too. It’s a losing prospect to be sure. But caving in would be far, far worse. It’s plain ole’ corruption that is carrying the day out my way. Perhaps in your community as well.

It goes right to the very top in Wisconsin state politics. Right to the very, very top. Disgusting, it is. Ughh. And we wonder why our country is in the deplorable state it is in.

Having gotten that  out of the way, I really am trying to do my very best in resisting the religious right―despite  all the setbacks I have had to endure. Have to, they are a menace to a free, forward-thinking society.

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