Did Jesus Really “Die” on the Cross?

Combine John 1:1 with John 1:14’s “And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen his glory, the glory as of a father’s only son,[d] full of grace and truth,” and the result is Christianity’s Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus, Christian apologists, tell us, was born a hybrid, unlike anything humanity, has ever witnessed; being simultaneously both 100% “fully human” AND 100% full deity inextricably bound to form a Man-God. In fact, God Almighty in the flesh.

God the Father is reported to have sent God Jr. down to earth to be crucified on a cross to redeem humanity of its “sins.” God felt simply wiggling his nose, or uttering a thunderous proclamation to the men and women alive at the time wouldn’t be enough. Oh no, “loving” God felt that subjecting another God-being to torture and death was his only real option. And who was the God Jesus to say “Not me!” to God anyway?

Jesus on the Cross

So we must ask: What exactly ceased to live when Jesus “died” on the cross? Surely it wasn’t the “God” in him. Gods don’t die. Jesus was made up of both deity and human composition inextricably inseparable at birth, so how can one say Jesus actually “died” if the deity in Him never actually did? Remember, Jesus wasn’t “possessed” by the Divine like humans possessed by demonic spirits are claimed to be. He was born deity, a deity who was every bit as much a human as he was a deity.

Was it only human Jesus that died, then? Seeing that both the human and the deity Jesus were so inextricably bound together as one entity, one cannot rightfully claim “Jesus” died without the deity of Jesus dying as well. Jesus was ONE entity, not two. Jesus certainly didn’t shed his divinity when “Jesus” ceased living, did He? And if He didn’t, Jesus, while in the grave, wasn’t truly “lifeless.” Or am I missing something here?

Greywolf’s 1st Dictum: There can be no greater evil in all of existence than the Creator of Evil. (I’m referring to the God Jesus, of course. The conscious, deliberate, act of creating very evil is, in itself, inherently evil. Try thinking of an act even remotely  more evil than that.  End of story.)

Greywolf’s 2nd Dictum: If it happened, God wanted it to. If He didn’t, it would never have happened. (Assuming God actually exists, of course. Note: This would include every human tragedy, every evil to befall man. Would it not? It’s A sobering conclusion that needs to be honestly dealt with by every God believer. The God named Jesus (as opposed to “God the Father”) willfully created very evil itself when he didn’t have to. Ask yourself if that wasn’t being evil in the extreme. See John 1:3 here.)

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