An Atheist’s Take On What Really  Happened In the Garden of Eden.

     The following is a tongue-in-cheek atheist’s take as to what events may  have actually occurred  in regards to the fictitious Garden of Eden story in Genesis. Be forewarned, it will undoubtedly offend some viewers. Yet, it is  in line with what we can glean from the Bible.

1.   The Prelude: The God  Jesus creates everything in existence (John 1:3; Colossians 1:16; and Revelation 4:11), including very evil itself. He then creates a booby-trapped “Tree of Knowledge” that embodies pure evil so it can be unleashed into the world by the first person who partakes of its fruit.

2.   God, presumably God the Father, then situates that tree practically in the lap of Adam & Eve and tells them not to partake any of its fruit or they will die. (Note: He doesn’t even tell them what evil is, just that they’re not to partake of the fruit.) But  God already knows that Eve will partake of the fruit due to His omniscience. But does He give a flyin’ Hoot? Hell, NO!!

3.   The God Jesus then creates an evil serpent with the evil ability to lie, deceive, and beguile the unsuspecting pair. God then sees to it that the evil serpent is  planted near the unsuspecting couple as well, gleefully wringing his hands after having done so.

4.   Now, Eve hasn’t the faintest clue as to what “disobeying” really  means. That’s because she has no concept of what it truly means to “disobey.” And that is because she has no clue whatsoever as to what evil is.

Remember:  Eve does not possess” free-will “at this point because she has not yet partaken of the forbidden fruit. Evil is not part of her consciousness as of yet.

5.   God’s evil serpent approaches Eve and tells her that God said it’s now perfectly fine for her to go ahead and partake of the fruit. He tells Eve that God told him  to tell her  it’s no longer forbidden. Trust me,” the serpent tells Eve, “If He’s changed his mind, He’ll let us know.

6.   Trusting Eve, who has no idea whatsoever as to what a “lie” or deceit is, takes the evil serpent at his word and partakes of the fruit. Meanwhile, God the Father, the Holy Spirit God, and the God Jesus are standing by, snickering to themselves like there’s no tomorrow, gleefully anticipating what is about to unfold.

7.    Eve partakes of the fruit and only now  realizes she has disobeyed God, but at the same time was “tricked” into doing so. But it’s too late. Evil has now been unleashed upon planet earth. And the three Gods who are claimed to be only ONE God by Christian apologists aren’t about  to do a damn thing about it.

8.    SIDE NOTE: God had already  unleashed evil previously. He wanted the angel Lucifer to turn evil and did so by inventing “Free-Will,” a ploy He used as a tool to infect Lucifer and an “army” of angels with evil and into rebelling—knowing full well what the consequences of His monstrously evil behavior would entail.

9.    God now pretends He’s upset that Adam & Eve disobeyed Him. Instead of saying,” Oh, you two, I was having a little fun. Get along now and go play with the lions. I forgive you!  After all, I had the evil serpent deliberately deceive you and trick you into sin. My bad.”

10.   Instead, “God” malevolently proceeds to ensure death and suffering afflicts ALL of humanity—even generations of humans who had absolutely NOTHING to do with what Adam & Eve did. And not only that, God decides the animal world should be made to experience death and suffering as well. And the kicker is that He and His evil-creating Son are sitting on their thrones in Heaven laughing their asses off watching brainwashed idiots worshiping and adoring them despite what they’ve so fiendishly accomplished.

     And so, the Bible believer is faced with the fact that if they believe the Adam & Eve story in Genesis to be historically true, they’re unconsciously worshiping and adoring the most monstrously cruel, sadistic, and evil a trio of deities they could ever possibly imagine.

For more on this subject, see here.

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