The Three “Persons” of the Trinity

A Theological/Bible Related Commentary


The Christian doctrine of the Trinity (from Latin trinitas “triad”, from trinus “threefold”) defines God as three consubstantial persons, expressions, or hypostases: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit; “one God in three persons.”   (Wikipedia)

     Just substitute the word “Gods” for “persons,” and you actually have something more in line with what Trinitarian Christians are really  looking at: The God Jesus is God, but NOT God the Father; that they’re really separate from each other, but not really.

     Think “square-circles”!

    Trinitarian Christians are taught to believe that the three “persons,” or entities, that make up God are actually ONE entity. “He is three, and they are One” makes just about as much sense as believing in the existence of square-circles. If one could be brainwashed into believing that  sort of nonsense, it would prove they’re utterly brainwashed, wouldn’t it?

    Claiming that the Trinity is some sort of a “mystery” that the feeble mind of man  has to simply accept as the truth is flat-out nonsensical―and an insult to the rational mind. It is patent nonsense. It is as intellectually dishonest as it gets.

   Don’t believe so?  Let the Trinitarian Christian provide irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

*For more on this subject, see this.

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