On God and Evil . . . God’s Evil Power

A Theological/Bible Related Commentary

Part IV

On God’s Evil Power

     Have you ever wondered where Satan gets his extraordinary powers from? (Pssst, that’s him in the painting above disguised as Jesus! Damn  decent impersonation of him, wouldn’t you agree?)

Okay, enough silliness. Back to the serious stuff.

     It is rather clear that Satan couldn’t have created his evil powers himself. The Bible clearly demonstrates that it is God who created every  single thing in existence: God and God alone.

“For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him. (Colossians 1:16; AKJV bible; see also John 1:3; emphasis mine)

     Therefore, there could be no other possible source for Satan’s evil powers other than Almighty God.

     But there’s one more odious “fact” to ponder: God is continually providing the Evil One with His powers! Think about that. Absorb it. God―if you believe the God of the Bible to be “real”―is actually supplying  Satan with the power to lead man into sin. Now, why on earth, would the very personification of love; of all that is good, just, moral, and righteous want to do anything like that ?!

     It wouldn’t be because God is . . . Ahem. . . truly evil, now would  it?

     As I’ve stated elsewhere (see here): “There can be no greater Evil in all of existence than the Creator of Evil.”  Here, we are talking about the very inventor  of evil, the Lord Almighty himself (accepting He exists purely  for the sake of discussion); this, a stinging rebuke to Christians everywhere, to be sure. But am I wrong? Go ahead. Try and think of something eviler. I’ll wait.

     A further thought; and one which I’ve also stated elsewhere (see here) “If it happened, God wanted  it to happen. If He didn’t, it would never  have happened.” Every plague, “natural” disaster, the Holocaust, and every other “evil” to befall man has either been created by or permitted by God to afflict mankind. Now, what does that  have to say about the moral character of a “loving” God?

God could have easily uttered three simple words to Adam & Eve after they were tricked  into partaking of the forbidden fruit. Just three words would have prevented the fall of man and all the horrific suffering and misery accompanying it. Those three words being a simple: “I forgive you.” And guess what? There would be no need whatever for Jesus-God to pretend to die on the cross for the “sins” of mankind! (Now, you don’t really  believe that you can actually “kill” a “God,” do you?)

Think about it: God would have absolutely NO need to have Himself murdered at all!! Hmm. Or was that God-man, Jesus-God simply a “clone” of the Almighty? (I keep losing track of which God is supposed to be which these days.)

Food for thought: God could have easily “forgiven” Adam & Eve and thus ensure man’s continued sublime happiness. God could have also chosen not  to plant that “tree of knowledge” in the Garden, or have simply barred Satan from entering it at all (as we have already pointed out). But even with his supernatural omniscience, and knowing  the disastrous outcome for us humans, God went ahead and did what he did anyway. So does this not make for a hideously evil and sinful  God? Or would “heartless boob” be a more apt byword to describe this entity?

Further Food for thought: If you were to unplug your bedroom table lamp, that lamp would no longer be able to provide light to that room. Correspondingly, if God decided to “pull the plug” on Satan, Satan would no longer have the “power” to lead man into “sin.” Now, would he? But God has clearly chosen NOT to “pull the plug” on Satan, hasn’t He?

Gives you a very accurate indication as to just how evil, at His core, the God of Christianity actually is, doesn’t it?

Let’s face facts: If God really  wanted to create that perfect world he so (supposedly) wanted for mankind, there wouldn’t be anything  to prevent Him from doing so―except Himself! After all, He’s “God.”

Next in Part V: Christian apologists play “defense”; the conclusion; Part III (here)


Greywolf’s 1st Dictum: There can be no greater evil in all of existence than the Creator of Evil. (I’m referring to the God Jesus, of course. The conscious, deliberate, act of creating very evil is, in itself, inherently evil. Try thinking of an act even remotely more evil.  End of story.)

Greywolf’s 2nd Dictum: If it happened, God wanted it to. If He didn’t, it would never have happened. (Assuming God actually exists, of course. Note: This would include every human tragedy, every evil to befall man. Would it not? It’s A sobering conclusion that needs to be honestly dealt with by every God believer. The God named Jesus (as opposed to “God the Father”) willfully  created very evil itself when he didn’t have to. Ask yourself if that wasn’t being evil in the extreme. See John 1:3 here.)

2 thoughts on “On God and Evil . . . God’s Evil Power
  1. dear atheist i dont believe the schriptures were written because they wanted to amuse you or have fantasies to read about you write as if you know god and what he is all about. i believe some day you will know god to be true and then you will see the light


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